The key to getting out of your locked home is to be prepared for the incident long before it even happens. There are many ways to reduce the risk of being locked outside of your home, such as giving a spare set of keys to a trusted neighbor or a family member. This is inconvenient because you may need to wait for your neighbor to get home, but this is an effective strategy. However, if you need to get into your home right now and haven\’t planned ahead, there are other ways to get into your home after you have been locked out.

Look For Unlocked Windows

Walk around the perimeter of your home. Look for any windows that might be open. While it\’s important to keep windows locked, if you forgot to lock a window, this will allow you to get inside. However, this approach might not work depending on your physical condition. Do not climb to a dangerous height to enter a window.

Force A Window Open

If the windows are all closed, you may be able to use a screwdriver to force your window open. Jimmy the screwdriver around and then exert upward force to try to force the window open. While this might damage the window, it is less expensive to replace a window then it is to replace a door. Once you have forced the window open, you will be able to enter through it or reach a doorknob to open it.

Use A Credit Card

If your home does not have very secure locks, such as if you have a door that only has a spring bolt, you will be able to open the door with a credit card. However, a credit card could be damaged, so use a credit card that is not important, such as a gift card. Insert the credit card at the point where the latch is located. Then, push and wiggle the card. Bend the card away from the doorknob and slide the latch away from the door jamb. While you may not be able to open the door, if you do, it is important to contact a locksmith so you can have your very terrible lock replaced with a more secure option.

It is always possible to contact a locksmith to open the door for you. But if you are in an emergency or if you cannot afford a locksmith at the moment, these tricks will also work. Check out the Lock-Up Services Inc website if you want to learn more.

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