It is an unexpected hardship on your household budget when hiring a plumbing service to come clear out a tough drain clog. Taking a few precautions might save you the expense and hassle. Being careful about what ends up going down the drain is the best solution, but there are times that grease, hair or soap scum builds up and causes a clog. Below are a few ways to combat and prevent the problem.

Lots of Hot Water

Any time after using a sink, turn the hot water tap on for a moment or two. Hot water is good way to keep clog troubles at bay. Hot water will break down a small amount of soap scum and keep grease from collecting in the trap. It helps dislodge any food particles that are trying to linger and build towards clogging the drain.

Containerize Cooking Oils and Grease

Keep a container handy that you can put grease and cooking oil in after it has been used. Any animal fats, like the liquid drained off cooked hamburger, will solidify down in the plumbing. One great idea is to save any of your empty vegetable or soup cans. Rinse them out and set aside for grease and oil collection. Once it is filled, discard the entire can and contents in the garbage.

Usefulness of Screens

You should have and regularly use screens over every drain in the home. Broken off pieces of soap bars, hair and all kinds of junk can end up going down drains, causing a clog if you keep it unprotected. This slight barrier has the ability to prevent drain clog disasters. Pull them and give a thorough cleaning at least once a week. Drain screens can cost mere pennies at the hardware store, but save you a lot of cash on unneeded repairs.

Clean the Garbage Disposal

Cleaning the garbage disposal is one job you can do without calling on a plumbing company. All you have to do is take a small bowl of ice cubes and sprinkle liberally with salt. Dump them down the sink drain and run the garbage disposal. The ice will clean the blades of food particles and grease as the appliance chops the ice. The added salt provides a little cleaning grit. Add a couple of lemon slices to help the disposal smell fresh and clean.

Vinegar Down the Drain

Pouring a cup of white vinegar down the drain once every few days will also helps remove things that can cause clogs. Vinegar has the ability to strip oils and grease away, leaving the plumbing cleaner than ever.

Contact a professional plumber Toronto if you suspect that a clog and you are having trouble using drains in the house. It may need to have more intensive efforts done to get the system free-flowing again.

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