Regardless of how you look at it, a move is a massive and disruptive change that consumes a lot of time and entails hard work, especially for a smooth execution. Having a careful plan and engaging professional movers helps to make things go a lot more easily. Listed below are steps to help you efficiently plan a move.

Determine the time available before your moving date

Even if you have limited time, spending a few minutes to plan and organize the basics might help you to make the best use of whatever time is available. You can plan with more care if you have enough time, which will possibly help you save both time and money down the road.

Consider the distance

Moving across town might be something you can do by yourself while using a rented truck only for large items. You may have to engage the services of long distance movers to ship your household items when moving long distances or to another country. The farther the moving distance, the better off you are engaging reputable professionals to take care of the entire process. You will have to deal with issues such as the most appropriate shipping methods, customs clearances, storage, and biosecurity clearances for overseas moves.

Assess your budget

Depending on whether or not you have money, decide if you will hire movers, rent a truck, or do the job yourself. If you do not have enough money, confirm whether you still have adequate time to set aside the required amount. At times your employer covers part of the relocation cost, you should, however, check to confirm if this still stands. Ensure everything is in writing if your employer is assisting you, including any verbally agreed on variations. You might need the written confirmations to get appropriately reimbursed if anything goes wrong.

These written records are necessary when dealing with a moving company, which means you must ensure you get a signed-off contract after reading all the fine print. It is also vital to have checked and signed inventory lists, by you and a representative of the moving company.

Allow a little overlap

If your purchase agreement or lease allows, access your new home before giving up the old one. A couple of days can spare you both the rush and stress of an overnight move, as well as the hassle of having to move into and out of a storage facility. Allowing for a little overlap might also help in case of unforeseen delays with closing a purchase.

If your dates do not overlap, or you have to move via a storage unit, check whether a service provider who can move and deliver storage containers is available in your locality so that you are not forced to handle your household items twice. The more the moves you make before arriving at your new home, the higher your levels of stress and the more frustrated you get.

Even if your move comes as a surprise, you should have a little notice time to seek new residence and pack. In such a case, you may have to multitask to avoid running out of time. However, too much overlap can prove rather costly, and you should not pay double rent longer than necessary. Try a family member’s or friend’s garage before paying for a storage option if possible. It may be worthwhile to visit Premiere Van Lines for more information.

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