Cottages are a popular type of home for vacation, retirement or anyone who wants to downsize and save money. Typically smaller than other homes, cottages require less maintenance than larger homes. However, they still need a new coat of paint on a regular basis. Hiring professional painters to keep your cottage\’s paint fresh will maintain its charming, cozy look and preserve its value.
How Often Should I Paint My Cottage?
Most painters recommend re-painting a home\’s exterior every 5 to 15 years, but your cottage may require more frequent painting if it is located in a rough environment. Extreme hot or cold temperatures take a toll on paint and wear it down very quickly. High winds and precipitation erode the paint and wear it away. Seaside cottages are also susceptible to fast paint wear due to the salty ocean air.
Interior painting should be done when the paint shows signs of wear or a new color is desired. Signs of wear include chips, cracks and fading. If you plan to sell or rent your cottage, new interior paint is a good idea. Prospective buyers and renters tend to prefer a neutral palette that is consistent throughout the rooms.
Should I Hire a Professional or Do It Myself?
Going with a professional is almost always the better option. A professional painter saves you valuable time and protects your investment by ensuring that the job is done right. Most people can tell the difference between a professional paint job and a do-it-yourself paint job. Professionally painted surfaces look much smoother and lack the drips and smudges that are tell-tale signs of an amateur painter.
How Do I Find a Professional Painter?
Get recommendations from family and friends, browse the phone book or consult trusted websites to get started. You can also look for cottages that you admire and get the name of the painter from the owners. Narrow your options down to a few painters and schedule consultations.
Initial consultations are usually free, but it\’s worth a small charge to find the right painter for your cottage. Ask the candidates about their techniques, the equipment they use and how long it usually takes them to complete a job. Have them show you photos of previous jobs they have completed.
What Colors Should I Choose?
There are many options when it comes to picking a color scheme for your cottage. Bright, bold colors are well-suited to a cottage on the beach. Choose soft pastels accented by crisp white or soft cream to give your cottage an adorable dollhouse look. Cottages in the woods look great when decked out in earth tones and neutrals. Consider asking the painter for recommendations during your initial consultation.To learn more information, please visit the Absolute Home Services for their additional online resources.‘, ‘

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