Fact and fiction are not only limited to storytelling, but impacts the majority of the world\’s industries. Myths tend to determine a person\’s overall opinion without having any facts for validation. The wood flooring industry tends to be paved with myths pertaining to every aspect of it–especially in matters of modernity. Contemporary wood floors are not only the present, but the future, so ignore the myths for a moment, and take a look at the truth behind home flooring.
Myth: Contemporary flooring is too expensive.
Truth: Updating your home in today\’s world is more cost-effective than it has ever been. This has to do with the satisfactory demand for a hardwood floor in every room of the home, and the quality products used in today\’s industry reducing the need for regular repairs and upkeep. The environmentally friendly mentality demonstrated by clients reflects in the work executed by professionals, and allows for the use of easy to grow materials, like bamboo.
Myth: Those with vintage tastes cannot reflect that in the appearance of modern day flooring.
Truth: A popular practice is combining vintage aspects, like wider planks and lighter colors, with modern day elements, such as satin finishes. The end result of this combination is a floor that looks country chic with a modern flair.
Myth: Those who have a home with pre-existing wood floors cannot alter their appearance; what they are is what they will be.
Truth: The industry is full of techniques that transform the appearance of old wood into a present style without sacrificing the redeeming qualities of the wood itself. Wire-brushing scrapes off the top layer of scuffed, aged wood, and leaves a natural, smooth grain in its wake.
Myth: A home with children or pets should not have wood floors.
Truth: Just as they do in color and grain, certain woods differ in hardness and durability. Choosing a wood, such as Brazilian walnut, is a solid decision that eliminates the wear and tear experienced in homes with heavy activity. Many modern day stains and finishes are highly concentrated to withstand the traffic and the test of time.
Myth: Luxury rugs should not cover the new wood floors.
Truth: Whether they are cowhide, silk, or wool, luxury rugs complete any room with a wood floor by breaking up the monotony, and creating a harmony between the furniture, decor, and floor itself. The term luxury can sometimes be deceiving, but rest assured that even casual homes will work well adorned with a rug. They, in no way, detract from the floor, but allow it to stand out against another element. You can find more info at the Relative Space website.

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