It seems like everywhere moms turn these days, they see these three words: breast is best. From blogs, books, baby shows and more, moms are getting the message. However, breastfeeding can be a struggle sometimes, especially when baby gets hungry in public. Breastfeeding moms are forced to find a place to sit and cover up while they feed their precious bundles.

The trick to breastfeeding on the go is simple. In fact, you\’ve probably already seen it in a magazine, blog, or even one of those big baby expos in a convention centre. The secret is baby wearing!

What is baby wearing?

Baby wraps and ring slings have exploded in popularity recently, but the idea is certainly nothing new. For centuries, women have wrapped their babies close. Imagine what life must have been like before baby monitors, playpens and other tools we use today. Women had to get things done somehow, right?

Baby wearing has been a necessity in many cultures for breastfeeding. There is nothing more natural than a mother keeping her child close to her breast. The contact is very comforting for baby and helps him or her to adjust to this brand new world.

How do I feed my baby in a wrap?

The process of feeding your baby while in the wrap or sling is simple. As long as you are wearing a nursing top, you should be able to unclip it and start nursing. You may have to readjust baby a little bit to make it more comfortable for both of you. Check the directions that came with your wrap or sling for more information on adjusting it properly. If you don\’t have instructions anymore, check online or visit a baby wearing booth at a baby expo.

Which is better: Wrap or sling?

The truth is that both types of baby wearing are fantastic. It is only a matter of personal choice. Both wraps support babies as they grow and put on weight. Some moms swear by the versatility of the sling, while other moms prefer the comfort of the wrap. The best way to choose is to visit your local baby store or baby show and ask to try one on.

Baby wearing has many benefits, but breastfeeding on the go is certainly one of the best ones. Who says you can\’t go shopping in the city or walking in the park? It will feel nice to do the things you love while baby is cuddled close, listening to the sound of that familiar heartbeat. If you want to learn more, visit The BabyTime Show

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